Chapter 1. Exploring the Nikon D3100

This chapter covers the key components of the Nikon D3100. These are the features that are most readily accessible because they are situated on the outside of the camera: the buttons, knobs, switches, and dials.

Although most Nikon dSLRs are relatively similar to each other, because D3100 has had an extensive redesign, even if you're familiar with other Nikon dSLR cameras you may want to read through the chapter to acquaint yourself with all of the new features of the D3100.

Exploring the Nikon D3100

Getting to know all your camera's menus, buttons, and dials allows you to capture your images just as you envision them.

Key Components of the D3100

If you've gone through the Quick Tour, you should be fairly familiar with the buttons and switches that you use to change the most basic settings on your D3100. In this section, you look at the camera from all sides and review the layout so that you know what everything on the surface of the camera does or controls.

This section doesn't cover the menus, only the exterior controls. Although there are many features you can access with just the push of a button, oftentimes you can change the same setting inside of a menu option. Knowing exactly what these buttons do can save you loads of time and help you to not miss out on getting a shot.

Top of the camera

The top of the D3100 is where you find some of the most important buttons and dials. ...

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