Chapter 3: Setting up the Nikon D5200

To create a simpler, more intuitive operating experience, the D5200 menu system isn’t quite as extensive as that of other cameras, such as the Nikon D800 or D600. The menu system of the D5200 has most of the extraneous frills stripped away, but it is still a highly customizable camera with the most important features.

Understanding the menu options is pretty much the key to making the camera an extension of your vision. If you don’t know the menu system well, you will constantly be searching through them, and possibly, missing photographic opportunities. Learning the D5200 menu system is also important because, as mentioned previously, the Vari-angle LCD monitor keeps the external controls at a minimum. To enter the Nikon D5200 menu system, simply press the Menu button (menu2.eps), and then use the multi-selector to navigate through the options.


Setting up your camera effectively allows you to focus on your art.

The Playback Menu

The Playback Menu (playback.eps) displays options that allow you to control how your images are stored. You can also select how the camera displays the images during image review, and what information is displayed while reviewing your images. ...

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