Exploring Live View Focusing

As with viewfinder photography, you can opt for autofocusing or manual focusing during Live View shooting, assuming that your lens supports both. If you use the 24–85mm kit lens, set the switch on the lens to the M/A position (for autofocusing with manual override) and to the M position to focus manually. (With other lenses, check the lens instruction manual for help.) Also set the Focus mode selector on the camera to AF for autofocusing and M for manual focusing. Figure 4-10 offers a reminder of where to find these two switches.


Figure 4-10: These controls set the camera and lens to auto or manual focusing.

images Understand two important points about Live View autofocusing:

  • Focusing typically takes longer in Live View mode than it does during viewfinder photography. If you need a fast focusing response, focus manually or take the camera out of Live View mode.
  • Nikon recommends using an AF-S type lens for best results with Live View autofocusing. The 24–85mm lens featured in this book is an AF-S lens. (If you care, the AF stands for autofocus, and the S stands for silent wave, a Nikon autofocusing technology.)

With those caveats out of the way, it's time to dig into the how-to's of Live View autofocusing. You control autofocusing performance through these ...

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