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Nikon® D7000™

Book Description

Master your Nikon D7000 with this go-anywhere guide

The Nikon D7000 is the first new mid-level Nikon DSLR camera that features full 1080p HD video with full-time autofocus. This full-color guide is packed with expert advice and full-color photos to both educate and inspire as you get better acquainted with your Nikon D7000. The handy trim size allows you to take it with you wherever you go so you can frequently refer to the top-notch tips, tricks, and techniques for getting unique and memorable photos and handling problematic shooting situations. Practical examples take you beyond the basics of the functions of each button and lavish photos exemplify the professional-level photographs that you can achieve.

  • Walks you through the essential controls, features, and functions of the Nikon D7000 using step-by-step instructions

  • Includes full-color images of each menu screen to reinforce your understanding

  • Features full-color photos, how-to information, and no-fail formulas, all aimed at helping you get great digital photos with the D7000

  • Includes a grey and color checker card to help you capture perfect color in any environment

  • Delves into the more advanced features of the D7000

Nikon D7000 Digital Field Guide goes beyond the owner's manual and is as an essential sidekick when using your D7000!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Credits
  5. About the Author
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Dedication
  8. Contents
  9. Introduction
  10. CHAPTER 1: Exploring the Nikon D7000
    1. Key Components of the D7000
    2. Viewfinder Display
    3. Control Panel
    4. Information Display
  11. CHAPTER 2: Nikon D7000 Essentials
    1. Exposure Modes
    2. Metering Modes
    3. Focus Modes
    4. Autofocus Area Modes
    5. ISO Sensitivity
    6. White Balance
    7. Picture Controls
    8. JPEG
    9. Image Size
    10. Image Quality
    11. NEF (RAW)
  12. CHAPTER 3: Setting Up the Nikon D7000
    1. Accessing Menus
    2. Playback Menu
    3. Shooting Menu
    4. Remote Control Mode
    5. Custom Settings Menu (CSM)
    6. Setup Menu
    7. Retouch Menu
    8. My Menu/Recent Settings
    9. Info Display Settings
  13. CHAPTER 4: Selecting and Using Lenses for the Nikon D7000
    1. Intro to Lenses
    2. Nikon Lens Compatibility
    3. Deciphering Nikon's Lens Codes
    4. DX Crop Factor
    5. Detachable Lenses
    6. Kit Lenses
    7. Zoom Versus Prime Lenses
    8. Wide-angle and Ultrawide-angle Lenses
    9. Standard or Midrange Lenses
    10. Telephoto Lenses
    11. Macro Lenses
    12. Fisheye Lenses
    13. Vibration Reduction Lenses
    14. Third-party Lenses
  14. CHAPTER 5: Understanding Exposure
    1. Exposure Overview
    2. Fine-tuning Your Exposure
  15. CHAPTER 6: Working with Light
    1. Natural Light
    2. Continuous Light
    3. D7000 Flash Basics
    4. Flash Exposure Modes
    5. Flash Sync Modes
    6. Understanding the Creative Lighting System
    7. Using the Built-In Flash
    8. Light Modifiers
  16. CHAPTER 7: Working with Live View and Video
    1. Live View
    2. Video
    3. Playback
  17. CHAPTER 8: Action and Sports Photography
    1. Preparing Your Shot
    2. Panning
    3. Using Speedlights
  18. CHAPTER 9: Event Photography
    1. Wedding
    2. Concert
  19. CHAPTER 10: Landscape and Nature Photography
    1. Landscape
    2. Nature
  20. CHAPTER 11: Macro Photography
    1. Preparing Your Shot
    2. Tools of the Trade
    3. Indoor Macro
    4. Outdoor Macro
  21. CHAPTER 12: Night and Low-Light Photography
    1. How to Photograph at Night and in Low Light
    2. What to Watch For
    3. Shooting Architecture
    4. Shooting Low Light Indoors
  22. CHAPTER 13: Portrait Photography
    1. Portrait Settings
    2. Indoor Portraits
    3. Studio Portraits
    4. Portrait Lighting Patterns
    5. Posing and Composition Considerations
    6. Outdoor Portraits
    7. Portrait Photography Tips
  23. CHAPTER 14: Still-Life, Product, and Food Photography
    1. The Basics
    2. Background
    3. Composition
    4. Lighting
  24. CHAPTER 15: Stock Photography
    1. Stock Photography Overview
    2. Stock Photography Licensing
    3. Breaking into the Market
  25. CHAPTER 16: Viewing and In-camera Editing
    1. Viewing Your Images
    2. Downloading Images
    3. The Retouch Menu
    4. Retouch Menu Options
  26. APPENDIX A: How to Use the Gray Card and Color Checker
    1. The Gray Card
    2. The Color Checker
  27. GLOSSARY G: Glossary
  28. Index