Controlling Focus and Depth of Field

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding autofocusing options

arrow Choosing a specific autofocusing point

arrow Tracking focus when shooting moving subjects

arrow Taking advantage of manual-focusing aids

arrow Manipulating depth of field


To many people, the word focus has just one interpretation when applied to a photograph: Either the subject is in focus or it's blurry. But an artful photographer knows that there's more to focus than simply getting a sharp image of a subject. You also need to consider depth of field, or the distance over which other objects in the scene appear sharply focused. This chapter explains how to manipulate both aspects of an image.

Setting the Basic Focusing Method (Auto or Manual)

Assuming that your lens supports autofocusing with the D7200, the first step in taking advantage of autofocusing is to set the lens focus method to auto. On most lenses, ...

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