Chapter 6: Working with Live View and Video

Nikon has made Live View and video standard on all of its dSLRs since the D90 (which was the first dSLR to feature video). With the release of the D800, Nikon has essentially perfected its Live View and video. It features 1080p full HD video with full-time AF and an HD output for attaching external monitors or hard drives. The D4 and the D800 are the first pro-level Nikon cameras to include these features.

Significant upgrades have been made to the way the D800 operates making it more useful to professionals and advanced shooters. No longer are you stuck with what was essentially a fully automatic point-and-shoot video camera; now you can adjust the settings without going through endless menus options. Nikon has really stepped up to the plate and added a pretty great video camera into a still camera body.


Many filmmakers are turning to dLSR cameras because of their portability and wide selection of lenses.

Live View Overview

Using Live View allows you to view a live feed of what is being projected onto the sensor from the lens. This can be used to shoot still photographs or to record a video from the direct feed. Shooting stills and videos have different options; they are similar, but they are also different. Therefore I deal with each one separately in the following sections. That being said, there are some pretty important settings ...

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