Figure 1.1The project management ‘iron triangle’ of scope, time and cost6
Figure 1.1The classical view of management7
Figure 1.1Managing the benefits8
Figure 1.1The decision-making model for project management8
Figure 1.1Portfolios, programs, projects and work packages in a work breakdown structure11
Figure 1.1Key responsibilities for managers of portfolio, programs and projects11
Figure 1.1Do we know what we want and how to do it or not?12
Figure 1.1Measuring what you want to achieve13
Figure 1.1Example risk factors for government projects15
Figure 1.1Riskier projects require better developed soft skills16
Figure 1.1Innovation funnel/portfolio management for R&D projects20
Figure 1.1The ability to influence a project over time21
Figure 1.1 ...

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