NLP for Rookies

Book Description

Do you want to learn the secrets needed to become the next top salesman? Hoping to impress your new potential employer at interview? Maybe you need to inspire and
motivate your staff to deal with the changing economic climate – or are you simply  seeking the confidence and motivation to finally take the leap into self-employment?
NLP for Rookies reveals the remarkable possibilities of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a fresh and empowering system that teaches its users how to study and perfect their own potential. Through NLP you can fully understand how the human mind works, what determines its thinking and behaviour, and how you can learn to influence it, by acquiring
specific techniques to help you obtain the excellence you desire and need for:
• Confidence, motivation and inspiration.
• Meetings and interviews.
• Competing for advancement in your career.
• Winning and closing deals.
• Time and people management.
• Presentation skills that have clarity and impact.
NLP for Rookies makes the powerful tools of NLP simple, easy to understand and relevant to your own needs. You can immediately begin implementing these methods into both
your work and personal life. NLP opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and this straightforward and expert guide to its skills and techniques shows the way to achieving
the success and self-fulfilment you have always dreamed of.

Product Information

  • Title: NLP for Rookies
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: June 2014
  • Publisher(s): LID Publishing
  • ISBN: 9780462099583