How to do it...

We need to add the code for the rest of the system into our micro repository that we created in the previous recipe.

To do this let's copy the following top-level directories from the Adding a queue-based service micro folder into the root of our current micro folder (the one that is initialized as a GitHub) repository:

  • auditservice
  • eventservice
  • webapp
  • report
  • fuge

Our micro repository directory structure should now look as follows:

micro ├── .gitignore ├── adderservice ├── auditservice ├── deployment ├── eventservice ├── fuge ├── report └── webapp

Let's go ahead and commit our changes and push them to GitHub:

$ cd micro$ git add .$ git commit -m 'added services and webapp'$ git push origin master

Now let's apply the same ...

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