How to do it...

We're going to need the body-parser module (so we can accept and parse POST requests for a login form), and the express-session module. Let's begin by installing those:

$ npm install --save express-session body-parser  

Along with modifying a few files, we're also going to create a routes/auth.js file and views/login.ejs file:

$ touch routes/auth.js views/login.ejs 

Let's require the express-session and body-parser at the top of the index.js file:

const session = require('express-session') 
const bodyParser = require('body-parser') 

Underneath where we load the index route, we'll also load our auth route:

const index = require('./routes/index') 
const auth = require('./routes/auth') 

HTTP sessions rely on cookies, we want to ...

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