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Node.js Recipes: Advanced Techniques

Video Description

This Node.js Recipes video series is your go-to reference for solving common Node.js problems. It's packed with useful recipes presented in a clear problem/solution format. You'll be able to watch as experienced Node.js developer, Cory Gackenheimer, outlines the goal for each recipe and then codes the appropriate solution giving many useful hints and tips along the way. Node.js Recipes covers all the essential ingredients required to become a proficient Node.js developer in a two part series beginning with Node.js Recipes: The Fundamentals and continuing with Node.js Recipes: Advanced Techniques. This video will cover: Working with Node.js Modules Building a Web Socket Server Using Web Server Frameworks such as Geddy Mojito and Flatiron Connecting to Data Stores Node.js Testing Debugging and Deploying your Node.js code