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Non-Invasive Data Governance

Book Description

Data-governance programs focus on authority and accountability for the management of data as a valued organizational asset. Data Governance should not be about command-and-control, yet at times could become invasive or threatening to the work, people and culture of an organization. Non-Invasive Data Governance™ focuses on formalizing existing accountability for the management of data and improving formal communications, protection, and quality efforts through effective stewarding of data resources. 

Non-Invasive Data Governance will provide you with a complete set of tools to help you deliver a successful data governance program. Learn how:

  • Steward responsibilities can be identified and recognized, formalized, and engaged according to their existing responsibility rather than being assigned or handed to people as more work.
  • Governance of information can be applied to existing policies, standard operating procedures, practices, and methodologies, rather than being introduced or emphasized as new processes or methods.
  • Governance of information can support all data integration, risk management, business intelligence and master data management activities rather than imposing inconsistent rigor to these initiatives.
  • A practical and non-threatening approach can be applied to governing information and promoting stewardship of data as a cross-organization asset.
  • Best practices and key concepts of this non-threatening approach can be communicated effectively to leverage strengths and address opportunities to improve.

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Chapter 1 Why This Book?
    1. Definition of Data Governance
    2. Messages for Management
  3. Chapter 2 Non-Invasive Data Governance Explained
    1. Data Governance Is Not a Process
    2. Data Governance and Dancing in the Rain
  4. Chapter 3 Business Value of Data Governance
    1. Getting the Business to Speak Up
    2. Case Study: Plant Manager Needs Data Management Solution
    3. Business-Value Statement Samples
    4. Value-Statement Formulas
    5. Business Value Statements for Non-Invasive Data Governance
    6. The Bottom Line
    7. Case Study: Management Gives Go Ahead for Data Governance program
  5. Chapter 4 Planning Your Data Governance Program
    1. Principle 1: Recognize Data as a Valued and Strategic Enterprise Asset
    2. Principle 2: Assign Data Clearly Defined Accountability
    3. Principle 3: Manage Data to Follow Internal and External Rules and Regulations
    4. Principle 4: Consistently Define and Manage Data Quality Across the Data Life Cycle
    5. Data Governance Maturity Model
    6. Case Study: Organization Implements Non-Invasive Data Governance Program
    7. Data Governance Test
  6. Chapter 5 Best-Practice Development and Critical Analysis
    1. Define Best Practices
    2. Perform Discovery by Conducting Interviews and Meetings
    3. Record Strengths
    4. Record Opportunities to Improve
    5. Report the Gaps
    6. Report the Risks
    7. Prepare the Action Plan
    8. Final Thoughts on Best Practices
  7. Chapter 6 Roles and Responsibilities – Introduction
    1. Where Should Data Governance Reside?
  8. Chapter 7 Roles and Responsibilities – Operational Layer
    1. Operational Data Steward
    2. Rules for Becoming a Data Steward
  9. Chapter 8 Roles and Responsibilities – Tactical Layer
    1. Enterprise Data Perspective through Domains
    2. Data Domain Steward
    3. Data Steward Coordinator
  10. Chapter 9 Roles and Responsibilities – Strategic and Executive Layers
    1. Data Governance Council
    2. Executive Leadership Team
  11. Chapter 10 Roles and Responsibilities – Supporting Cast
    1. Data Governance Partners
    2. The Data Governance Team
    3. Project Team vs. Program Team vs. Plain Ol’ Data Governance Team
    4. Role of IT in Data Governance
  12. Chapter 11 Data Governance Tools – Common Data Matrix
    1. Step 1: Define Data Domains (the Rows)
    2. Step 2: Associate Roles with Data Domains
    3. Step 3: Organize Columns
    4. Step 4: Fill in the Cells
    5. Case Study: Government Agency Pinpoints Key Data Resources for Divisions
    6. Case Study: University Creates Its Data Matrix
  13. Chapter 12 Data Governance Tools – Activity Matrix
    1. Avoid the Term “Data Governance Process”
    2. Processes to Govern
    3. Proactive Data Governance
    4. Reactive Data Governance
    5. Case Study: Financial Institution Places Activity Matrix on its Intranet
  14. Chapter 13 Data Governance Tools – Communications Matrix
    1. Orientation Communications
    2. Onboarding Communications
    3. Ongoing Communications
    4. Using the Communications Matrix
  15. Chapter 14 The End Is Only the Beginning
    1. Summarizing the Non-Invasive Data Governance approach
    2. Data Governance Bill of Rights
  16. Index