Chapter 2

The Dichotomous Data Problem


In this chapter the primary focus is on the dichotomous data problem. The data consists of c02-math-0001 independent repeated Bernoulli trials having constant probability of success c02-math-0002. On the basis of these outcomes, we wish to make inferences about c02-math-0003. Section 2.1 introduces the binomial distribution and presents a binomial test for the hypothesis c02-math-0004, where c02-math-0005 is a specified success probability. Section 2.2 gives a point estimator c02-math-0006 for c02-math-0007. Section 2.3 presents confidence intervals for c02-math-0008. Section 2.3 also contains the generalization of the binomial distribution to the multinomial distribution, confidence intervals for multinomial probabilities and a test that the multinomial ...

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