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Do your company's sales results lurch between highs and lows--with the end of each quarter reduced to a mad scramble to meet quota? For many sales organizations, the pattern is commonplace and unshakeable. Nonstop Sales Boom explains how to break this unhealthy cycle and achieve strong, steady results--every quarter, from every member of the team. The secret is to broaden the focus from merely closing deals to actively nurturing the four critical stages of client engagement: ● Attraction: Fill the funnel with lucrative prospects ● Participation: Turn them into customers faster ● Growth: Invest in valued clients ● Leverage: Turn customers into referral generators When companies concentrate on only one or two of these areas, their results become erratic. With the field-tested strategies in Nonstop Sales Boom, readers will learn how to systematically attract a regular flow of prospects and move them smoothly through the pipeline. Packed with enlightening examples of sales disasters and standouts, this practical guide brings balance to the selling process, reliability to revenues, and booming sales all year long.

Table of contents

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  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction. A Better Way: A Nonstop Sales Boom
  7. Part I: Engagement
    1. Chapter 1: The Destructive Power of Boom–Bust Cycles
      1. Key Characteristics of Booming Companies
      2. Moving to a Perpetual Boom: TalkSwitch Inc.
      3. Sales Bust Cycles
      4. Fourteen Reasons Why Boom and Bust Cycles Are Unnatural and Damaging
    2. Chapter 2: The Sales Radar: How the Continuous Sweep of Customer Engagement Destroys Tunnel Vision
      1. The Three Categories of Tunnel Vision
      2. Discovering Your Sales Radar: Shattering the One-Direction Bias
      3. Your Sales Radar and the Four States of Engagement
      4. What Makes the Sales Radar So Unique?
      5. Evaluating Your Success in Each of the Four States of Engagement
      6. Your Sales Radar and the Sales Pipeline
  8. Part II: Attraction
    1. Chapter 3: Of Math and MADness: How to Identify the Most Promising Prospects for Your Pipeline
      1. Think Quantity: Set Your Prospecting Goals
      2. Prequalification: You Don’t Have to Sell to Everyone!
      3. Colleen’s Power Tip #1: Sales and Marketing Must Agree on Definitions
      4. Colleen’s Power Tip #2: Pipeline Sales as Percentage Completed
    2. Chapter 4: “Wow, I See You Everywhere!”: Leveraging New Pathways to Reach the Prospect
      1. The Old Sales Process
      2. The New Sales Process
      3. Be Ubiquitous
      4. Harness the Power of Social Media
      5. Step Away from the Computer
      6. Make Sure Sales and Marketing Are in Sync
      7. Colleen’s Power Tip #3: Nine Keys for Prospecting Perfection
      8. Colleen’s Power Tip #4: Be Consistent
    3. Chapter 5: The Expert Salesperson: Publish What You Know—in Every Way Possible
      1. Become a Publisher
      2. Prove It! Case Studies Reinforce Your Expertise
      3. Colleen’s Power Tip #5: Marketing Is Not Just for Marketers
  9. Part III: Participation
    1. Chapter 6: Before the Negotiations: Collaborate with Qualified Prospects on Proposed Solutions
      1. Qualification Requires Intimate Knowledge of Your Prospect
      2. Vital Questions: What You Need to Know
      3. Should They Stay or Should They Go?
      4. Collaborate with Qualified Prospects on Solution Design
      5. Evaluating a Proposal That’s Hard to Reject
      6. Keep the Process Moving: How to Co-Create the Urgency to Participate
      7. Colleen’s Power Tip #6: 4M Meetings Get the Job Done
    2. Chapter 7: Fearless Negotiating: How Candor and Rigorous Follow-Up Clear the Path to Closing
      1. Decision: The Buyer Cogitates on Whether to Accept a Proposal
      2. Negotiation: Be Involved and Hold Firm
      3. The Engage Four-Step Negotiation Plan
      4. Colleen’s Power Tip #7: Turn Confrontations into Conversations
      5. Colleen’s Power Tip #8: Use the Engage SALE Methodology to Answer Questions
    3. Chapter 8: Participation Continues: Stay Engaged After the Close
      1. Hit the Ground Running: Quick Start, Early Wins, and a Thank-You
      2. Help Customers Take Full Advantage
      3. Communicate the Tangible and Intangible Value
      4. Two-Listed Seller: How Glen Keeps His Clients Informed and Happy
      5. Colleen’s Power Tip #9: Eleven Tangible Ways to Create Intangible Value
  10. Part IV: Growth
    1. Chapter 9: Who Wants More? Discovering the Best and the Worst of Your Current Customers
      1. Size and Potential Size Both Matter
      2. Not All Clients Have the Growth Gene
      3. Finding Those You Should Fire: Segmenting the Service Accounts
      4. How to Fire a Client
      5. Colleen’s Power Tip #10: Set Your Own Minimum Profit per Client
    2. Chapter 10: Entering the VORTEX: How to Build a Path to High Engagement and New Opportunities
      1. Increase Your Relationship Value: From Personal toCorporate Rapport
      2. Connecting the Corporate Players
      3. Multiplying Contacts in Customer Organizations: The ISO Relationship Matrix
      4. Own the New Relationship Before Introducing Others into It
      5. The VORTEX Framework: Transforming Relationships into Sales
      6. Where the Magic Happens
      7. Colleen’s Power Tip #11: The Power of the Business Review
  11. Part V: Leverage
    1. Chapter 11: The Borderless Bazaar: Creating a Sense of Community with Your Clients
      1. Occupy Spaces and Create Communities
      2. Two Basic Communities: Knowledge-Based and Emotion-Based
      3. Create a Community of Peers
      4. Why Communities Matter More and More
      5. Colleen’s Power Tip #12: How to Create Buzz
    2. Chapter 12: Testimonials: Your Greatest Leverage Tool
      1. Keep Your Ears Open Wide
      2. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
      3. Three Must-Have Testimonial Types
      4. Colleen’s Power Tip #13: Five Proactive Tactics for Collecting Testimonials
    3. Chapter 13: High-Powered Leverage: How to Get the Most Referrals to the Best Prospects
      1. Colleen’s Seven Secrets to Referral Success
      2. Avoid These Classic Mistakes When Asking for Referrals
      3. Two Ways to Ask for a Referral
      4. Colleen’s Power Tip #14: Where Can You Find Referrals?
    4. Chapter 14: Organizational Issues: Supporting and Enabling the Sales Radar
      1. Talent: Creating and Coaching High-Performance Teams
      2. Aligning Processes to Be Sales-Radar Ready
      3. Choosing the Right Sales and Product Development Strategies
      4. Create a Collaborative Organizational Structure
      5. Colleen’s Power Tip #15: Bringing Your Organization Together
      6. Creating and Maintaining Your Nonstop Sales Boom
  12. Index
  13. About the Author
  14. Free Sample Chapter from New Sales. Simplified. by Mike Weinberg

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  • Title: Nonstop Sales Boom
  • Author(s): Colleen Francis
  • Release date: August 2014
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814433775