I am much indebted to the following individuals (in alphabetical order):

At the University of Wales Swansea: David Blackaby; Siân Brown; Dianne Darrell; Michele Davies; Peter Day; Chris Hunt; Frances Jackson; Jaynie Lewis; Nigel O'Leary; Lis Parcell; Mary Perman; Ann Preece; Paul Reynolds; Kathy Sivertsen; Jeff Smith; Syed Hamzah bin Syed Hussin; Clive Towse; Ray Watts; Chris West.

Professors Nick Baigent, George Blazyca, Paul Hare, Lester Hunt and Michael Kaser. (It is with great regret that I heard of the death of George Blazyca.)

Russell Davies (Kays Newsagency).

At Routledge: Yeliz Ali, Simen Bailey. Amrit Bangard, Matt Deacon, Oliver Escrit, Tessa Herbert, Alan Jarvis, Liz Jones, Alex Meloy, Peter Sowden, Alfred Symons, ...

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