Chapter 28


In This Chapter

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Elasticsearch is one of the more recent additions to the enterprise search world of products. Using Apache Lucene internally as the core indexing and search library, Elasticsearch provides a distributed search platform designed for NoSQL database-style storage and high availability.

In this chapter, I discuss this product specifically as Elasticsearch introduces a number of innovations over traditional search engines. Elasticsearch also uses several core architecture concepts common with NoSQL databases — having the ability itself to store and manage JSON documents.

Using the Elasticsearch Product

Elasticsearch is an open-source product that anyone can download and use. Elasticsearch, the company, provides support for this product as well as value-added products, including systems management software in its product, Marvel. This provides system administrators with information on the current health of the Elasticsearch cluster — and will therefore be of interest for large, complex enterprise installations of Elasticsearch.

In this section, I discuss the Elasticsearch product and complementary products ecosystem.

ELK stack

The Elasticsearch ELK stack suite comprises the separate but complementary open-source projects, ...

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