Chapter 12Putting It All Together: Adding OpenSLP and Tomcat to Your Server

This chapter covers the following requirements for Novell’s Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) 9 certification:

1. Configure OpenSLP on SLES 9.

2. Configure Tomcat on SLES 9.

Welcome to the last chapter in this book! We’ve covered a lot of ground to get to this point. Before we end, there are two more topics you need to be familiar with for your CLE 9 certification exam: OpenSLP and Tomcat. In this chapter, we’re going to spend some time with each of these services to round out your CLE 9 knowledge.

Let’s start by learning about OpenSLP.

Implementing OpenSLP on SLES 9


1. Configure OpenSLP on SLES 9.

OpenSLP is a Linux-based ...

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