NRV-10 Digital Audio Interface + Analog Mixer

Video Description

The NRV10 (M-Audio) is a new breed of gear that combines an 8 × 2 analog mixer and a 10 × 10 24-bit/96kHz digital audio interface in one convenient package—the perfect tool for computer-based recording and performance. In other words, it's like the Swiss-Army knife of audio. n this tutorial Jeff Dykhouse shows you the in's and out's of this amazing tool. The question that the NVR10 brings is not "what can it do?", but "what can't it do?" Route and record mixer channels discretely to individual tracks in Pro Tools, Ableton Live, GarageBand and other software studios. The NRV10 allows you to return multiple discrete audio channels from your computer back to the NRV10 for CPU-free mixing and monitoring complete with on-board digital effects—great for live performances. Flexible monitoring options also make vocal/instrument recording and DJ-style audio previewing a breeze.

Product Information

  • Title: NRV-10 Digital Audio Interface + Analog Mixer
  • Author(s): Jeff Dykhouse
  • Release date: November 2009
  • Publisher(s): Total Training
  • ISBN: 00320090125SI