02. Data


02.1.1Proportional divisions

02.1.2Intersections and networks

02.1.3Hard facts

02.1.4Natural forms and order

02.1.5Scale and movement

02.1.6Visual analysis

02.1.7Time based

02.1.8Social mixture


02.2.1Touch screen

02.2.2Data explosions

02.2.3Concept of scale


02.2.5Visual analysis

02.2.6Data rich


02.2.8Work flow

Report and accounts

02.3.1Pie charts

02.3.2Bar charts

02.3.3No charts


02.1.1 Quantification: Proportional divisions

In the Audi Encounters magazine, blocks of solid colour represent the various constituent elements used in the construction of the Audi A4 car. The weight ...

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