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Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Reactors with Continuous Liquid Phase

Book Description

Numerical simulation of multiphase reactors with continuous liquid phase provides current research and findings in multiphase problems, which will assist researchers and engineers to advance this field. This is an ideal reference book for readers who are interested in design and scale-up of multiphase reactors and crystallizers, and using mathematical model and numerical simulation as tools.

Yang and Mao’s book focuses on modeling and numerical applications directly in the chemical, petrochemical, and hydrometallurgical industries, rather than theories of multiphase flow. The content will help you to solve reacting flow problems and/or system design/optimization problems. The fundamentals and principles of flow and mass transfer in multiphase reactors with continuous liquid phase are covered, which will aid the reader’s understanding of multiphase reaction engineering.

  • Provides practical applications for using multiphase stirred tanks, reactors, and microreactors, with detailed explanation of investigation methods
  • Presents the most recent research efforts in this highly active field on multiphase reactors and crystallizers
  • Covers mathematical models, numerical methods and experimental techniques for multiphase flow and mass transfer in reactors and crystallizers

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. Preface
  6. Chapter 1: Introduction
  7. Chapter 2: Fluid flow and mass transfer on particle scale
    1. Abstract
    2. 2.1. Introduction
    3. 2.2. Theoretical basis
    4. 2.3. Numerical methods
    5. 2.4. Buoyancy-driven motion and mass transfer of a single particle
    6. 2.5. Mass transfer-induced Marangoni effect
    7. 2.6. Behavior of particle swarms
    8. 2.7. Single particles in shear flow and extensional flow
    9. 2.8. Summary and perspective
    10. Nomenclature
  8. Chapter 3: Multiphase stirred reactors
    1. Abstract
    2. 3.1. Introduction
    3. 3.2. Mathematical models and numerical methods
    4. 3.3. Two-phase flow in stirred tanks
    5. 3.4. Three-phase flow in stirred tanks
    6. 3.5. Summary and perspective
    7. Nomenclature
  9. Chapter 4: Airlift loop reactors
    1. Abstract
    2. 4.1. Introduction
    3. 4.2. Flow regime identification
    4. 4.3. Mathematical models and numerical methods
    5. 4.4. Hydrodynamics and transport in airlift loop reactors
    6. 4.5. Macromixing and micromixing
    7. 4.6. Guidelines for design and scale-up of airlift loop reactors
    8. 4.7. Summary and perspective
    9. Nomenclature
  10. Chapter 5: Preliminary investigation of two-phase microreactors
    1. Abstract
    2. 5.1. Introduction
    3. 5.2. Mathematical models and numerical methods
    4. 5.3. Simulation using lattice Boltzmann method
    5. 5.4. Experimental
    6. 5.5. Summary and perspective
    7. Nomenclature
  11. Chapter 6: Crystallizers: CFD–PBE modeling
    1. Abstract
    2. 6.1. Introduction
    3. 6.2. Mathematical models and numerical methods
    4. 6.3. Crystallizer modeling procedures
    5. 6.4. Macromixing and micromixing
    6. 6.5. Summary and perspective
    7. Nomenclature
  12. Index