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Object Detection and Recognition Using Deep Learning in OpenCV

Video Description

OpenCV Object Recognition: Harness Deep Learning in OpenCV

About This Video

  • See functionalities in OpenCV that can be used for Object detection and recognition through Deep Learning
  • Learn, why Deep Learning algorithms should be preferred for object recognition
  • Master use of OpenCV by practicing creation of basic applications

In Detail

This course teaches effective object recognition and its implementation with the powerful OpenCV libraries. You will learn how to enhance your OpenCV skills with deep learning. You will explore and master OpenCV for Object Recognition/Classification. The course explains all the necessary theory and concepts of computer vision, image processing, and machine learning. You also learn the practical application of OpenCV libraries. Its capabilities and functionality are shown along with a tutorial on how to set up a machine such that it’s able to use OpenCV in codes. You will start by seeing how to work with images in OpenCV, enhancement and filtering in OpenCV. You will then move on to building an application which is capable of object recognition and performing homography. You will then move on to object classification and recognizing text in an image.

In the end, you will be able to use object recognition algorithm which will be used by you for practical application.