This book is dedicated to my wife, Jan, for her loving support.

Through both the first and second editions, a number of individuals have shaped my ideas on object-oriented development. For their contributions, I especially thank Sam Adams, Mike Akroid, Glenn Andert, Sid Bailin, Kent Beck, Dave Bernstein, Daniel Bobrow, Dick Bolz, Dave Bulman, Kayvan Carun, Dave Collins, Damian Conway, Steve Cook, Jim Coplien, Brad Cox, Ward Cunningham, Tom DeMarco, Mike Devlin, Richard Gabriel, William Genemaras, Adele Goldberg, Ian Graham, Tony Hoare, Jon Hopkins, Michael Jackson, Ralph Johnson, James Kempf, Norm Kerth, Jordan Kreindler, Doug Lea, Phil Levy, Barbara Liskov, Cliff Longman, James MacFarlane, Masoud Milani, Harlan Mills, Robert Murray, ...

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