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Objective C Programming for Beginners

Video Description

If you want to produce iOS applications there's no way around it-- You have to learn Objective C. Based on the C programming langauge, Objective C is a cool derivative of C that adds all sorts of functions and features. In this Objective C Tutorial you'll learn everything you need to know about the Objective C programming language to competently start on learning the iOS libraries and development. If you tried to learn iOS Development but found it too difficult to understand this is the course you need. If you have NEVER programmed before, take our ""Learn C Programming: iOS Development Starts Here!"" course first and then join this course and learn Objective C. You'll love the experience as you start with the basics-- Objective C variables and move through more complex concpets like the Objective C foundation classes, data structures and creating your own classes and objects. This class contains over four hours of video lecture, lab exercises, and more. In this ultimate Objective C video tutorial you'll work with instructor Mark Lassoff to master the concepts of Objective C programming used by iPhone and iPad application developers world-wide. We hope you enjoy Objective-C for Beginners!

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Objective C
    1. Welcome and XCode 00:03:55
    2. Hello World with Objective C and NSLog 00:09:58
    3. Objective C and printf() Style Formats 00:05:42
  2. Chapter 2: Variables in Objective C
    1. Primitive C Variables in Objective C 00:09:26
    2. Typecasting Variables 00:05:11
    3. Enumerations 00:06:43
    4. Structures (structs) 00:08:23
    5. Using #define and #const 00:04:54
  3. Chapter 3: Objective C Functions
    1. Creating the Function Prototype and Implementation 00:07:00
    2. Passing Values to a Function 00:08:25
    3. Receiving a Return Value from a Function 00:07:03
  4. Chapter 4: NSArrays in Objective C
    1. Creating Arrays 00:11:24
    2. NSMutable Array 00:10:05
    3. NSArray Methods 00:15:41
  5. Chapter 5: Numbers and Number Formats
    1. The NSNumber Object 00:09:54
    2. Formatting Numbers with NSNumberFormatter 00:10:00
  6. Chapter 6: Strings in Objective C
    1. The NSString Class and NSMutableString 00:09:10
    2. Simple String Manipulations with String Classes 00:08:33
    3. Search and Replace with String Classes 00:09:12
  7. Chapter 7: NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary
    1. Declaring an NSDictionary Object 00:09:14
    2. Reading Data from an NSDictionary Object 00:06:02
    3. Manipulating NSDictionary with Methods 00:06:05
  8. Chapter 8: Creating Your Own Classes
    1. Object Versus Classes 00:05:41
    2. Declaring Class Properties and Tasks 00:09:57
    3. The @property and @synthesize Statements 00:08:42
    4. Creating an Instance Object from your Class 00:09:06
  9. Chapter 9: Creating Your Own Classes II
    1. Class init Methods 00:05:42
    2. Class Inheritance 00:04:00
    3. Overriding Tasks 00:04:00
    4. Class Level Methods 00:05:35