Chapter SevenCase Studies in OKRs Use

AS A RESULT OF GOOGLE'S highly publicized success with the model, OKRs are often associated exclusively with the Silicon Valley. However, the highly malleable framework is actually applicable to any organization, anywhere. We've been fortunate enough to work with companies large and small in a variety of industries around the globe. It's their stories we wanted to share with you. But how?

If you've ever read a business book (and we doubt this is your first foray into the genre) you know that showcasing companies to illustrate key points is a standard practice. And we're no different in that regard. Before we began writing the book we contacted a number of organizations with which we're familiar (mostly from our consulting work, but not always) and asked them to complete a questionnaire documenting their experience with OKRs. Our intent was to then sprinkle in quotes from the cases throughout the book to add color and context to our primary recommendations. As you've seen from reading the book, we did do that to some extent, but probably not as liberally as you may have experienced with other books. It turns out that the responses we received were so good, and so informative, we felt it would prove much more beneficial for you to read them in their entirety. Parsing them across chapters would have diminished their overall message.

On the pages that follow you'll hear the inspiring and educational stories of a number of companies, ranging ...

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