1.7. Review Questions

  1. Which of the following SQL commands is an example of a DML command?

    1. SELECT

    2. CREATE

    3. INSERT

    4. GRANT

  2. You have just started a database transaction by inserting a row into a table. Which of the following actions will end this transaction?

    1. Inserting another row

    2. Issuing a COMMIT command

    3. Issuing an END TRANSACTION command

    4. Deleting the row you just inserted

  3. You are designing an application that will enforce business rules through table design. One of the tables in the application contains information about parts that are used to manufacture your product. When creating the PARTS table, what could you do to make certain that each part receives a part number and that each part number will be unique?

    1. Place a Unique constraint on the part number column ...

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