ODSC East 2019 (Open Data Science Conference)

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ODSC East 2019

Royalties for this video set help fund the ODSC Grant Award for open source data science projects.

The Open Data Science Conference has established itself as the leading conference in the field of applied data science. Each ODSC event offers a unique opportunity to learn directly from the core contributors, experts, academics and renowned instructors helping shape the field of data science and artificial intelligence

Presentations cover not only data science modeling but also the languages and tools needed to deploy these models in the real world such as TensorFlow, MXNet, scikit-learn, Kubernetes, and many more.

Our conferences are organized around focus areas to ensure our attendees are at the forefront of this fast emerging field and current with the latest data science languages, tools, and models. You’ll find in our East 2019 video catalog some of our most popular focus areas.

Please see our table of contents for a full list of videos

Table of contents

  1. Keynotes
    1. The Future of A.I. and Machine Learning Products
    2. How Keyence Uses AI To Answer Everyday Business Problems
    3. Validating A.I. Machine Learning Models--Lessons Learned from the Banking Industry
    4. Let's Embed Everything!
    5. Artificial Intelligence To Revolutionize Child Behavioral Diagnostics and Therapeutics
    6. Predictive Analytics For Wealth Management And Beyond
    7. Accelerate AI Keynote: Licensed to Analyze? Who Can Claim to be a Data Scientist? Defining Roles, Standards and Accessing Skills in Data Science
    8. Accelerate AI Keynote: Heartificial Intelligence, Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines
    9. Expanding Nonprofit Workforce with Deep Learning
    10. What is Data Good for? Bringing Data Strategy to Life at USA for UNHCR
    11. Accelerate AI Keynote: No Black Boxes--Understandability, Transparency and Governance in Machine Learning
    12. Data Storytelling: The Essential Data Science Skill
    13. Practical AI Solutions Within Healthcare And Biotechnology
    14. Building an Analytics Team
    15. RAPIDS: The Platform inside and out
    16. Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning in TensorFlow with TF Encrypted
    17. What to Expect When You Are Putting A.I. in Production
    18. Building an Automation-First Data Science Team
    19. The Machine In Sheep's Clothing: Trust And Transparency In The ML Lifestyle
    20. Data Science for Health and Wellness
    21. Data Science + Design Thinking: A Perfect Blend to Achieve the Best User Experience
    22. Data Science for Risk Mitigation in a Global Economy
    23. Neuroevolution-based Automated Model Building: How to Create Better Models
    24. Programming Machine Learning with Weak Supervision
    25. Understanding Artificial Intelligence Results to Increase their Value Avoid Pitfalls
    26. Distributed Tensorflow: Scaling Your Model Training
    27. The Machine Learning Problem You Don't Know You Have...Yet
    28. Digital Discrimination: Cognitive Bias in Machine Learning
    29. Building Highly Autonomous Marketing Automation Systems
    30. Imitation Learning: Reinforcement Learning For The Real World
    31. Defending Open Source Data Science in the New Era of ML AI
    32. Thirty Minutes to Answers: Data Science's Great Compression and It's Next Frontier

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