2 office 2004 for macintosh: the missing manual
Other new features are more modest in size but carry substantial timesaving potential.
You’ll now see onscreen Smart Buttons pop up offering immediate help with error
correction or formatting cleanup. The new Toolbox palette offers instant access to
features that were once hidden away—like the Dictionary and Clipboard (now called
Scrapbook). And talk about speed, Excel now has one-click chart building.
More Integrated Than Ever
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint started out as individual, disparate programs, but be-
ginning with Office 2001, Microsoft began to design the programs of the suite as a
cohesive whole. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have grown to look and work more alike,
and even share each other’s components. With Office 2004’s new Project Center, you
can both do your work and organize your life without leaving the comfort of Office,
especially if you work from home or run a small business. For example:
Entourages new Project Center allows you to formulate, track, and modify projects
across the entire Office 2004 spectrum. This clever feature not only tracks your
PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and Excel files, but keeps a project-
specific calendar, organizes your email, and keeps your project-related clippings
in one handy location.
The improved Project Gallery lets you start a new Word, Excel, Entourage, or
PowerPoint document from within any of the other programs.
In your Entourage email, you can use Word features like AutoCorrect and Auto-
Format for bulleted lists and other fancy formatting. You can also check your
spelling with Word’s spell checker, so no more excuses!
The names and addresses entered in Entourage become AutoText entries in Word,
so that you can type just a few letters of a persons name to paste in the full address
Keeping Up with
the Macs
Figure I-1:
The Navigation pane (left) is a fast
new way to navigate your Word
documents. Interfacing with the Mac
OS X Character Palette (right) further
enhances Office X’s integration into
Macdom. To use it, choose Edit
Special Characters in the Finder, pick a
character, and then click Insert.

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