684 office 2004 for macintosh: the missing manual
itself does the same thing. There are also buttons for the WordArt Gallery and the
FormatWordArt dialog box.
The bottom row contains tools—spacing and alignment, for example—that format
the actual text of your WordArt. The most powerful button here is the second one,
Vertical Text, which takes the WordArt and strings it downward, so that one letter
appears below the other. Clicking the first one, Same Letter Heights, stretches the
nonascending and descending letters of the selected WordArt so that all letters line
up, top and bottom.
Lines and Shapes: The Drawing Toolbar
Even with the immense variety of AutoShapes and WordArt, some days you just need
to unleash your creative spirit. With Office’s drawing tools, you can draw free-form
lines and shapes and combine them with arrows and AutoShapes to build your own
To get started, summon the Drawing toolbar by choosing ViewToolbarsDraw-
ing, or by right-clicking on the line dividing the toolbars and then selecting Drawing.
Click the Line, Rectangle, or Lines toolbar icon, as shown in Figure 20-4. Choose a
line type from the Line Style pop-up menu; then drag in your document to place
the line, rectangle, or shape you’ve selected from the Lines pop-up button. (As with
AutoShapes and WordArt, lines lie on top of text in Word—and are invisible in Normal
view—unless you wrap them around the text, as described on page 156.)
If you’ve opted for the Lines tool, you’ll find that each of the options in its pop-up
button menu works a bit differently:
Figure 20-3:
Top left: In the WordArt Gal-
lery, choose a text design
that strikes your fancy, and
then click OK.
Top right: In the dialog
box that opens, choose a
typeface, then type your text
banner message; click OK
when you’re finished.
Lower left: Your new Word-
Art instantly appears in your
Lower right: The WordArt
toolbar. If you can’t find
the WordArt toolbar, it’s
probably not open. Click a
WordArt object or choose
AutoShapes and

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