chapter 9: entourage email and newsgroups 315
ntourage is Office’s answer to people who need a personal assistant—named
Mac. Much more than an email program, Entourage can help you schedule
meetings, track tasks, and scope out your daily, monthly, and even yearly cal-
endars. Since Office 2001, Entourage has sought to be a persons personal informa-
tion manager (PIM) and email program all in one, as well as being a vehicle to tie
together all the individual programs. The Project Center, described in Chapter 10, is
the next logical step toward that goal. You could always take notes in Entourage, but
now they’re more accessible. You could always flag Word documents for follow up
and have Entourage remind you about them, and you could always use Entourage to
manage projects, but now the tools for doing that are easier to access, and you get an
attractive new screen to view your project as a whole.
In addition to its organizational capabilities, Entourage is still a first rate email pro-
gram. Entourage handles email and newsgroups with the ease that it schedules your
tasks and coordinates your projects. And since every Inbox in the world gets more
incoming messages every day, Entourage 2004 includes a new Groups feature to help
keep track of them all.
The Big Picture
The Entourage main window is divided into three main areas: buttons for Entourages
main functions at top left, a list of “file folders” for your email at bottom left, and a
Entourage Email and
316 office 2004 for macintosh: the missing manual
big viewing area for your actual messages, calendars, tasks, and so on, on the right.
Like changing stations on a car radio, you can switch among Entourage functions by
clicking their buttons.
Entourage Functions
When you first launch Entourage (Figure 9-1) and complete the Setup wizard (de-
scribed in a moment), the Mail button at the upper left is already selected. But mail
is only one of Entourage’s functions. This chapter and those that follow cover all of
them in depth, but heres a quick overview to let you know what you’re in for. The
six big icons at the upper-left corner of the Entourage screen correspond to the fol-
lowing features:
Mail. This, of course, is the big workhorse feature: email. This chapter covers the
Mail feature in detail.
Address Book. Your electronic “little black book”—home to not just the email
addresses in your social entourage, but also phone numbers, home addresses, and
so on. The Address Book also features predefined Address Book Views that let you
find subsets of your data—every member of your family, for example. See Chapter
11 for complete details on the Address Book.
Calendar. Plan your day, your week, your month…if you dare, plan your year!
You can manage your schedule and track important events using the Entourage
Calendar. Once again, a set of Views can quickly show you only work- or family-
related events, recurring appointments, or whatever. See Chapter 10 for details.
The Big Picture
Figure 9-1:
In addition to the Folder list and an
email-specific toolbar, Entourage has a
List pane that lists all of the messages
in a particular folder. There’s also an
information bar at the bottom of the
screen that shows how many messages
are in a given folder, how many are
selected, and what schedules (if any)
Entourage has on deck. Don’t miss
the Fonts tab in EntourageGeneral
Preferences, where you can specify the
type size and style you prefer for read-
ing your email and other Entourage
Function buttons List pane Mail toolbar
Folder list Information line

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