Saving Your Work

PowerPoint is typical of most Windows programs in the way it saves and opens files. The entire PowerPoint presentation is saved in a single file, and any graphics, charts, or other elements are incorporated into that single file.

The first time you save a presentation, PowerPoint opens the Save As dialog box, prompting you for a name and location. Thereafter, when you save that presentation, PowerPoint uses the same settings and does not prompt you for them again.

Saving for the first time

If you haven’t previously saved the presentation you are working on, Save and Save As do the same thing: They open the Save As dialog box. From there, you can specify a name, file type, and file location. Follow these steps:

Choose Office Button Save. The Save As dialog box appears.
Enter a filename in the File name box. See Figure 21-5.
Figure 21-5. Save your work by specifying a name for the presentation file.


In Windows Vista, the Save As dialog box does not show the existing content of the current location by default. To view it, click the Browse Folders arrow in the bottom-left corner of the dialog box.


To save in a different location, see the section “Changing drives and folders.” To save in a different format, see the section ...

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