Chapter IV.2. Open Sesame and Shut Sesame

In This Chapter

  • Opening presentations

  • Discovering special ways to save your presentations

  • Protecting your presentations

PowerPoint has some special file-handling features up its ornamented sleeve. In this chapter, we cover how to open and save files in PowerPoint. You can easily recover if your computer or PowerPoint crashes — which, of course, would never happen... but just in case, you can refer to this chapter. This chapter also shows you how to create a secure PowerPoint presentation that you can open on both Macs and PCs.

Opening Special File Formats

You can open PowerPoint presentations and special file formats by choosing File

Opening Special File Formats
Enabling additional file formats to open.

Figure IV.2.1. Enabling additional file formats to open.

  • All Readable Documents: Open any kind of file that PowerPoint understands.

  • All Office Documents: Open only Office documents.

  • PowerPoint Presentations: Open only PowerPoint presentations (.pptx) and PowerPoint shows (.ppsx). This file-type option also enables you to choose old-format PowerPoint presentations (.ppt) and PowerPoint shows (.pps).

  • Office Themes and PowerPoint Templates: Open only Office Themes (.thmx) and PowerPoint Templates (.potx and .pot).

  • All Outlines: Open documents saved in outline format from PowerPoint (.rtf).

  • All Files: Attempt to open any file in ...

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