Chapter 2: Using the Office Web Apps

In This Chapter

arrow.png Creating Office files on SkyDrive

arrow.png Uploading Office files to SkyDrive

arrow.png Opening Office files in Office Web Apps and Office applications

arrow.png Downloading files from SkyDrive

arrow.png Moving, copying, renaming, and deleting files

This brief chapter explains how to use the Office Web Apps to create files, upload files to SkyDrive, and download files from SkyDrive to your computer. You also discover how to open and edit Office files using the Office Web Apps and the Office 2013 applications. Finally, this chapter explains how to manage files on SkyDrive.

Creating an Office File in SkyDrive

I’m happy to report that creating an Office file — a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote file — in SkyDrive is quite easy. Follow these steps to create a file with an Office Web App:

1. Open the folder where you want to store the file.

Chapter 1 of this mini-book explains how to open folders and subfolders in SkyDrive.

2. Click the Create button.

3. Choose an ...

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