Microsoft Office 2016 is by far the most popular suite of productivity applications in the world, and with good reason. Its applications are powerful enough for business and professional use, and yet easy enough that a beginner can catch on to the basics with just a few simple lessons.

If you’re new to Office 2016, this book can help you separate the essential features you need from the obscure and more sophisticated ones that you don’t. For the four major Office applications I cover in this book — Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint — I walk you through the most important and common features, showing you how to put them to work to make it easier to do your job.

I designed this book for time-pressed Office users who simply want to figure out the task at hand without spending a lot of time looking for answers. This full-color book presents the most common Office tasks in illustrated, step-by-step instructions and organizes them so that they’re easy to find, read, and apply. It covers classic Office tasks such as typing and formatting text, calculating with spreadsheets, organizing email and to-do lists, and creating PowerPoint presentations.

About This Book

This book is organized into chapters, each split into a series of common tasks. It begins by familiarizing you with Office 2016 and showing you how to perform basic tasks such as starting and exiting each application, entering text, moving around, and saving your work. Then it covers each of the four main applications: ...

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