Customizing Office Applications


Bullet Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

Bullet Customize the Status Bar

Bullet Set Program Options

Bullet Set Outlook Options

People have different ideas about what constitutes the “best” way for a program to operate. For every feature that one person finds ideal, someone else finds that same feature very annoying. That’s why Microsoft Office has a variety of options you can customize to make the applications work more like you want.

In this appendix, I show you how to customize the Quick Access toolbar and the status bar in all the Office applications. (The process works basically the same in all of them.) Then I go through some of the most common program options in each application.

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access toolbar is the small toolbar immediately above the File tab in each of the Office applications. By default, the Quick Access toolbar contains only a few buttons.

One of the handiest things about the Quick Access toolbar is that it’s available no matter which tab you’re on.

If you find yourself using a button frequently ...

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