Microsoft Office is by far the most popular suite of productivity applications in the world, and with good reason. Its applications are powerful enough for business and professional use, and yet easy enough that a beginner can catch on to the basics with just a few simple lessons.

Depending on how you purchased Office, your version may be called Office 365 or Office 2019. If you made a one-time purchase, it’s Office 2019. If you are using Microsoft’s subscription service, paying monthly or yearly for Office, it’s Office 365.

Which is better? That depends on your needs. Over the long run, the cost is similar. Using Office 365 provides some extra benefits, though, such as automatic software updates. Whenever Microsoft has new features to add to Office, it rolls them out automatically to Office 365 subscribers over the Internet. Office 2019 users don’t get those new features; their version remains static.

If you’re new to Office, this book can help you separate the essential features you need from the obscure and more sophisticated ones you don’t. For the four major Office applications I cover in this book — Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint — I walk you through the most important and common features, showing you how to put them to work for projects in your job, everyday life, and home.

About This Book

This book is written specifically for mature people like you, who are relatively new to using Office applications and want to master the basics. In this book, I ...

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