Chapter 17

Presenting the Show


Bullet Display a Slide Show Onscreen

Bullet Use the Slide Show Tools

Bullet Print Copies of a Presentation

Bullet Package a Presentation for Distribution

Bullet Make a Video of the Presentation

Presenting … your show!

The whole point of a PowerPoint presentation is to deliver a show to an audience. That audience might be in the same room with you or a thousand miles away. Folks might watch it simultaneously or pull it up on their own PCs at their convenience.

This chapter explains how to display a presentation on your own computer screen. That’s useful if you’re going to be there in-person when the audience views the show, like during a club meeting or religious service. I also show you how to package a presentation to move it to a different PC as well as how to make printouts for yourself and your audience.

You also discover here how to make a self-running CD that you can send to people so they can view the presentation on their own computers, and how to make a video ...

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