Chapter 7

Integrating the Mobile Experience


check Understanding the SharePoint mobile experience

check Collaborating on documents in the cloud on Windows, iOS, and Android devices

check Extending SharePoint collaboration outside your organization

The era of personal computing is here. We have crossed over from a time where we personalized our computers with our preferences, loaded them with content relevant to us, or bookmarked sites that interest us to an era when our computers are learning so much about us and our working habits that they are able to serve up personalized information to us. Through cloud computing and machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) agents like Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are making headway in learning our habits, favorite foods, interests, schedules, and even our personalities!

Personal computing is personal because, regardless of the device you’re using at any given moment, your personalization is there. It travels with you. It doesn’t stay at home in your desktop computer nor is it limited to your mobile devices. And even if your computer crashes or you lose your smartphone, you can have access to your personal content and settings from your ...

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