Chapter 9

Customizing SharePoint Online


check Using your web browser to develop SharePoint solutions

check Understanding how to develop sites

check Developing your knowledge of lists, libraries, pages, and apps

check Discovering how SharePoint apps work

After you get the hang of SharePoint, you may want to dive deeper into the technology. SharePoint is a web-based product (meaning that you use it with your web browser). Being a user of SharePoint is just the beginning, however. You can develop real-world business apps by using nothing more than your web browser. You don’t need to be a programmer and you don’t even need to be very technical. You just need some time to find out how to drag and drop components and enter content.

This chapter walks through SharePoint development using a web browser. You also find out about key SharePoint development concepts, such as sites, lists, libraries, pages, and apps.

Going Over SharePoint Development

SharePoint development doesn’t mean you need to be a programmer or have any understanding of programming. If you can tweak your Facebook page or update ...

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