Chapter 18

Planning for Your Office 365 Implementation


check Gaining an understanding of the Office 365 plans

check Understanding the Office 365 adoption process

check Planning and preparing to deploy

check Determining how best to work with an implementation partner

Reading this book is the first step of preparing for your Office 365 journey. Throughout the book, we explain how Office 365 can benefit your organization. Now that you’re up to speed on the product, you can plan how to get started with Office 365.

Microsoft divides Office 365 into business plans and consumer plans:

  • If you’re a business or organization, you need to put some thought into Office 365 and think of it as an implementation.
  • If you’re just looking for Office 365 for your family or personal needs, the process is much easier.

In this chapter, you find information to get started with Office 365. Because setting up a business or organization requires much more work than a personal subscription, most of the chapter is geared around planning an Office 365 implementation for your business or organization. You walk through ...

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