Chapter 19

Implementing Office 365


check Discovering how to deliver training and support

check Understanding how to migrate to Office 365

check Getting your head around the tasks required with migrating

In Chapter 18, we detail how to prepare and plan for an Office 365 implementation. In this chapter, you get to throw the switch and make the move to the Microsoft cloud.

Office 365 is designed for nearly every type of organization — ranging from a one-person mom-and-pop shop, to a stay-at-home dad tracking chores, to a student, and all the way up to a multinational enterprise. Because of this massively different audience, every implementation is different, both in complexity and in time.

This chapter covers the general process and gives you some pointers on where to go for more information. If you’re planning to use one of the Office 365 For Home plans, you’re in for a treat. Its implementation is simple and straightforward. The challenge with Office 365 can be when you’re implementing it for an organization. If you’re a small organization, then some of the steps in this chapter may be overkill. If you’re a very large enterprise, then you will surely want to work with a partner, such ...

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