Chapter 22

Ten Office 365 Value Propositions


check Discovering how Office 365 can increase efficiency

check Understanding the value of moving to the cloud

check Understanding the value created by the integrated products in Office 365

check Finding out how the Microsoft cloud provides value through centralized data

If you are relatively new to enterprise software, such as SharePoint, then moving to the Microsoft cloud is a straightforward decision. After all, you don’t have an IT team in place and there is no chance of disrupting employees because they aren’t currently using enterprise class software. In this situation, there is nothing but upside. If, on the other hand, you are a very technologically mature organization, then moving to the cloud can be a scary proposition. Anytime there is change at the enterprise level, there is a chance for things to go wrong. Even if the cloud assumes the risk of the technology causing problems, such as installation or patching, there is still the risk of user adoption, confusion, and push back for the new way of doing things.

In this chapter, you explore ...

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