Chapter 23

Ten Tips for Increasing Productivity with Office 365


check Empowering your users to be self-sufficient

check Getting visibility to people’s availability

check Improving accessibility in your organization

Office 365 as a cloud technology affords any organization the benefits of a sophisticated data center without the hassle and the cost of maintaining one. For the IT professional, Office 365 offers the best of both worlds: productivity and security. For end users, Office 365 means freedom from complete dependency on the IT team. The average end users are now able to perform advanced tasks using artificial intelligence (AI) with no coding skills!

In this chapter, you find “ready-to-apply” tips and tricks for increasing productivity and efficiency in your organization or your practice. The efficiency gains you realize from the service can be magnified to positively impact the productivity of everyone in the workplace including those with disabilities.

Self-Serve from the Service Health Dashboard

If you’re the designated admin for your organization, you’ll most likely receive inquiries about issues your users are experiencing in Office 365. Before you spend a lot of time ...

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