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Office 365 Groups Essentials

Video Description

Learn how Microsoft Office 365’s powerful new Groups feature helps your team talk, plan, and collaborate! Get started with this Office 365 Groups Essentials training course. Microsoft Office has no shortage of ways for groups to work together. From simple spreadsheet sharing to social media tools like Yammer and Delve and collaboration platforms like SharePoint, Microsoft has provided plenty of tools to help people work as a team. One of the newest tools is also the most powerful: Office 365 Groups. The Groups feature is built into Microsoft Outlook, the Office 365 web interface, and its own Groups mobile app. Anyone can create their own Group or join an existing one. Inside they’ll find a a shared conversations area, shared calendar, and a shared Notebook. Groups integrate with users’ existing email, calendars, and OneDrive, and with special Connectors any Office 365 group can integrate with other cloud platforms such as Twitter, Bing News, GitHub, ZenDesk, and many more.