Chapter 13

PowerPoint for the iPad

In This Chapter

arrow Getting acquainted with the PowerPoint screen

arrow Handling text and text boxes

arrow Manipulating slides in a presentation

arrow Entering speaker notes

arrow Including slide transitions in presentations

arrow Giving a presentation

This chapter looks into PowerPoint for the iPad, the slide presentation app in the Office for the iPad family. It explains how to get from slide to slide, add slides, and delete slides. You also discover how to handle the text, write and read speaker notes, put transitions between slides, and last but not least, give a presentation.

Finding Your Way Around the Screen

When you visit a place you haven’t been before, take a look around and see what’s what. Figure 13-1 shows the PowerPoint screen. Here’s what you need to know about the PowerPoint screen:

  • Slides pane: The place on the left side (or bottom) of the screen where you can ...

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