Official Introduction to DB2® for z/OS®, The, 2nd Edition

Book Description

  • The complete IBM DB2 UDB for z/OS Version 8 tutorial

  • The only book that covers the DB2 Fundamentals exam from a z/OS perspective

  • From basic relational database concepts to advanced topics such as distributed data, Web applications, and data sharing

  • For both database administrators and developers

  • Written and reviewed by IBM experts at the laboratory where DB2 UDB for z/OS is developed

  • The definitive tutorial for new DB2 UDB for z/OS administrators and developers

    This is your complete introduction to Version 8 of DB2 UDB for z/OS, the most powerful, scalable, and robust version of DB2 ever created. Here's all you need to get started with DB2 Version 8 database administration and development ... and to prepare for the new IBM DB2 Family Fundamentals exam, your first step toward DB2 certification. From basic relational database concepts to advanced topics such as data sharing, you'll find crystal-clear explanations and real-world insights, straight from the IBM lab where DB2 UDB for z/OS is developed. Coverage includes:

  • DB2 UDB for z/OS and the DB2 family: overview and usage scenarios

  • Data and system structures, business rules, transactions, packages, and more

  • DB2 UDB for z/OS: architecture, facilities, and the z/OS Security Server

  • Introduction to logical and physical database design

  • Defining tables, table spaces, indexes, views, large objects, business rules, and more

  • Working with SQL, the language of DB2

  • Writing DB2 application programs

  • Performance: caching, compression, locking/concurrency, and query optimization

  • Day-to-day administration, including backup and recovery

  • Web-based applications with DB2, WebSphere(R), and z/OS

  • Distributing and sharing data for maximum flexibility, scalability, and availability

  • Includes practice exam questions throughout the book

  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. IBM Press Series—Information Management
    3. About Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
    4. Foreword
    5. About this book
    6. Overview
      1. An overview of DB2
        1. Scenarios for using DB2
        2. The IBM DB2 information management strategy
        3. The DB2 Universal Database family
        4. Open standards
        5. For more information
        6. Practice exam questions
        7. Answers to practice exam questions
      2. DB2 concepts
        1. Structured query language
        2. DB2 data structures
        3. Enforcement of business rules
        4. Application processes and transactions
        5. Packages and application plans
        6. Routines
        7. Distributed data
        8. DB2 system structures
        9. Practice exam questions
        10. Answers to practice exam questions
      3. DB2 UDB for z/OS architecture
        1. z/OS overview
        2. DB2 in the z/OS environment
        3. DB2 lock manager
        4. DB2 and the z/OS Security Server
        5. DB2 attachment facilities
        6. Distributed data facility
        7. The Parallel Sysplex environment
        8. For more information
    7. Working with your data
      1. Designing objects and relationships
        1. Logical database design with entity-relationship model
        2. Logical database design with Unified Modeling Language
        3. Physical database design
        4. For more information
        5. Practice exam questions
        6. Answers to practice exam questions
      2. Working with SQL: The language of DB2
        1. Executing SQL
        2. Writing SQL queries to answer questions: The basics
        3. Modifying data
        4. For more information
        5. Practice exam questions
        6. Answers to practice exam questions
      3. Writing an application program
        1. Using integrated development environments
        2. Choosing programming languages and methods to use
        3. Preparing an application program to run
        4. Writing static SQL applications
        5. Writing dynamic SQL applications
        6. Using ODBC to execute dynamic SQL
        7. Using Java to execute static and dynamic SQL
        8. Using an application program as a stored procedure
        9. For more information
        10. Practice exam questions
        11. Answers to practice exam questions
      4. Implementing your database design
        1. Defining tables
        2. Defining columns and rows in a table
        3. Defining a table space
        4. Defining indexes
        5. Defining views
        6. Defining large objects
        7. Defining databases
        8. Defining relationships with referential constraints
        9. Defining other business rules
        10. For more information
        11. Practice exam questions
        12. Answers to practice exam questions
      5. Managing DB2 performance
        1. Understanding performance issues
        2. Moving data efficiently through the system
        3. Improving performance for multiple users: Locking and concurrency
        4. Improving query performance
        5. Learning about specific performance considerations
        6. For more information
        7. Practice exam questions
        8. Answers to practice exam questions
      6. Managing DB2 operations
        1. Using tools to manage DB2
        2. Issuing commands and running utilities
        3. Managing data sets
        4. Authorizing users to access data
        5. Backup and recovery
        6. For more information
        7. Practice exam questions
        8. Answers to practice exam questions
    8. Specialized topics
      1. DB2 and the Web
        1. Web application environment
        2. Web-based applications and WebSphere Studio Application Developer
        3. XML and DB2
        4. Web services and DB2
        5. For more information
      2. Distributed data access
        1. Introduction to distributed data access
        2. Programming techniques for accessing remote servers
        3. Coordination of updates
        4. Network traffic reduction
        5. For more information
      3. Data sharing with your DB2 data
        1. Advantages of DB2 data sharing
        2. How data sharing works
        3. Some data sharing considerations
        4. For more information
    9. Appendixes
      1. Example tables in this book
        1. Employee table
        2. Department table
        3. Project table
        4. Employee-to-project activity table
        5. Products table
        6. Parts table
      2. IBM DB2 UDB certification program
        1. Examining the DB2 UDB Version 8 certification roadmap
        2. Exploring Exam 700: DB2 UDB V8.1 Family Fundamentals
        3. Preparing for the exam
        4. Scheduling your exam
        5. Earning more advanced certifications
    10. Glossary
      1. A
      2. B
      3. C
      4. D
      5. E
      6. F
      7. G
      8. H
      9. I
      10. J
      11. K
      12. L
      13. M
      14. N
      15. O
      16. P
      17. Q
      18. R
      19. S
      20. T
      21. U
      22. V
      23. W
      24. X
      25. Z
    11. Bibliography
      1. IBM DB2 Universal Database for z/OS Version 8 product library:
      2. IBM books and resources about related products:
      3. Non-IBM books and resources:
    12. Index

    Product Information

    • Title: Official Introduction to DB2® for z/OS®, The, 2nd Edition
    • Author(s): Susan Graziano Sloan
    • Release date: May 2004
    • Publisher(s): IBM Press
    • ISBN: 0131477501