αaRelative turn-on time of the converter bridge legs
αVsw0Temperature coefficient of Vsw0
αRcTemperature coefficient of RC
αEon/offTemperature coefficient of Esw,on/off
δCICurrent imbalance rate
δHS,maxMaximum ratio of VolHSal to Volmod
δiLimageRatio of peak-to-peak current ripple to maximum fundamental nominal current
δVdcRatio of peak-to-peak voltage ripple to DC voltage of the converter
δVacRatio of peak-to-peak voltage ripple to the peak fundamental voltage
ΔVswStatic voltage deviation
ΔTHS,maxmaximum allowable HS to ambient temperature
ΔILhpeak-to-peak ripple current
ρPower density
γPower-to-mass ratio
AwInductor winding window area
AcoreInductor ...

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