Time for action — adding animations

As always, we are going to use the code from the previous chapter, and for once we don't need to delete anything:

  1. For our animation, we need to add new member variables in the FrameListener. Add a pointer holding the entity we want to animate and a pointer to the used animation state:
    Ogre::Entity* _ent;
    Ogre::AnimationState* _aniState;
  2. Then change the constructor of the FrameListener to get the entity pointer as a new parameter:
    Example34FrameListener(Ogre::SceneNode* node,Ogre::Entity* ent,RenderWindow* win,Ogre::Camera* cam)
  3. In the function body of the constructor, assign the given entity pointer to the new member variable:
    _ent = ent;
  4. After this, retrieve the animation state called Dance from the entity and ...

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