Chapter 10. Ten More Ways to Customize Your Camera

In This Chapter

  • Changing the tasks assigned to the Fn and Movie buttons

  • Storing groups of camera settings using the Reset and My Mode features

  • Customizing picture filenames

  • Streamlining the picture delete process

  • Adding to your lens repertoire

Consider this chapter the literary equivalent of the end of one of those late-night infomercial offers — the part where the host exclaims, "But wait! There's more!"

The ten features covered in these pages fit the category of "interesting bonus." They aren't the sort of features that drive people to choose one camera over another, and they may come in handy only for certain users, on certain occasions. Still, they're included at no extra charge with your camera, so check 'em out when you have a few spare moments. Who knows; you may discover that one of these bonus features is actually a hidden gem that provides just the solution you need for one of your photography problems.

Ten More Ways to Customize Your Camera


Many features this chapter covers involve options accessible through the Custom menu, which is hidden by default. See Chapter 1 to find out how to display the menu if you haven't already done so.

Assign New Tasks to the Fn and Movie Buttons

By default, the Fn button, labeled in Figure 10-1, is set to toggle Face Detection on and off, and the Movie button is set to start and stop movie recording. But you can assign different tasks ...

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