Recording Techniques from Simple to Complex

There are several ways to record pop music concerts:

  • Record with two mics out front into a two-track recorder.

  • Using the PA mixer, record off a spare main output.

  • Get a four-track recorder-mixer. Place a stereo mic (or a pair of mics) at the FOH (front of house, the PA mixer location) position. Record the mic on tracks 1 and 2. Also plug into a spare main output on the PA mixer, and record it on tracks 3 and 4.

  • Feed the PA mixer insert jacks to a multitrack tape recorder.

  • Feed the PA mixer direct outs or insert jacks to a recording mixer, and from there to a two-track or a multitrack tape recorder.

  • Use a mic splitter on stage to feed the PA snake and recording snake. Record to multitrack or two ...

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