1. Included in a mass of writings edited by his wife, Marie von Clausewitz. Of the many later editions and translations, the latest and perhaps best is On War, ed. and trans. by Michael Howard and Peter Paret (1984).

2. And other works: Traité des grandes operations militaires (1805); Histoire critique et militaire des guerres de la révolution (27 vols., 1820–24). In 1927,he added a life of Napoleon (4 vols.) to the Histoire critique, later published separately.

3. An expression used by, e.g., Dennis Showalter; origin uncertain.

4. To paraphrase Gen. George Patton, The Patton Papers, ed. by Martin Blumenson (1972–74). II: 733–34 (Diary 8 Aug. 1945).

5. Russell F. Weigley, The American Way of War: A History of United States ...

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